The idea behind Hangout Console is to provide a single place, whether it is a standalone website or embedded into the hangout window itself for people who are hosting or taking part in Hangouts On Air to see all the comments and chat that is taking place.

In addition, to be able to allow the participants of the hangout (or anyone else delegated) to be able to flag comments or messages to a single list, to make it easier and simpler to keep track of important questions (or any other kind of feedback) that people might want to deal with during the hangout.

The sources of comments can be configured to meet the demands of the variety of hangouts that take place, and each participant in the hangout can choose their own sources to monitor, and can pin whatever they like to the pinboard.

The pinboard is shared between all participants of the hangout, so if one person pins a comment from the YouTube stream, it will be seen by everyone, regardless of whether or not they are watching the YouTube comments.

Data Sources

This is a list of the currently planned sources of data that could be pulled into a Hangout Console for display or pinning.


  • Search terms
  • @ replies


  • Post comments


  • Post comments


  • Live stream comments


  • All messages in room.
  • Just private messages to bot.

Console Locations

These are the three main ways to use the Hangout Console, depending on your needs and the type of hangout you are running.

Hangout Console Site

  • Displays multiple feeds as per configuration.
  • Allow for different configuration on a per-host basis, so each user can have a different set of feeds (and different settings for each feed) depending on the hangout.

Hangout App

  • Display multiple feeds in main window area.
  • Put comments as textbox / lower third over video feed

Hangout Extension

  • Display single feed in sidebar.
  • Defaults to pinboard.